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Expat Mystic Hills II Khopoli Has Variety of Plots to Build Large Dream Homes

All does not like to fit in or stay in a crouching manner within an apartment. They like to build their own home and reside peacefully. So, for larger families the small 2000 to 3000 sq.ft apartments are not going to work. Even there are people who want every member to enjoy their own space and freedom within the home. So for such people buying plots will be the best option. If you are looking for new plots within the suburb location of Mumbai, then look for Khopoli.
Expat Mystic Hills II 5
Plots in khopoli are one of the best choices for those eco-friendly dwellers who are looking to reside amidst green habitat and serene nature. The expat mystic hills II khopoli of the upcoming residential location that will help you to build some of the best homes. It is having more than 56 plots that have a size of about 10898 sq. ft. and 5000 sq. ft. You will find the project is well demarcated with stones and fences.

Expat mystic hills II khopoli Mumbai is one of the best locations that are just 110 kms away from Pune and the Navi Mumbai International Airport is just 60 kms away. You will find the Pail Ganapati Road too is just 5 kms away and its distance of 95 kms from Mumbai. So people living in and around Mumbai as well as Pune will find this location great as none of the city is far away from both the places. It will take 90 minutes in car to take a drive to Pune. The main city of Mumbai is hardly 30 minutes away from this suburb.

Expat mystic hills II comes with a complete infrastructure that a person will need to construct a home. You will find the area well-connected to accommodate various transport facilities. As well it has proper water infrastructure, social and healthcare infrastructure. It will earn you a great resale value if you chalk out a well-planned home out of this project location.
You can construct a large or a small home with lot of garden as per your choice and preference. For people looking for a large farmhouse to reside during their weekends can find this place addictive. Moreover, the nearness to Lonawala will be making this place a great outing sport. So, plots in Khopoli will be the best choice to invest and generate great return benefit upon investment. It is from the trusted builders, offering enough places at Rs.6.5 lacs to Rs. 14 lacs. The price range is comfortable so as the location, and you can hope for great returns in the future as well.


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