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Best Suitable Commercial Spaces at Codename Smash Hit Lbs Marg, Bhandup Mumbai

If you have ever felt exhausted while searching for a suitable business or commercial space in the city of Mumbai, you will be greatly overwhelmed with joy the very moment you see the Codename Smash Hit Lbs Marg, Bhandup. Designed and developed by the experienced real estate experts at the renowned Neptune Group, it is one of the best commercial spaces in Mumbai. Like all the previous commercial properties, the professionals at the reputed Neptune Group have left no stone unturned in making it a sublime property for business. Be it the architecture, quality of construction, interior & exterior design, amenities, or any other aspects of the project; it is an ideal choice for the people looking to own a suitable business space in Mumbai.

Codename Smash Hit

One of the main aspects of any commercial property is its accessibility. Being well versed in choosing the perfect locations, the experts at the Neptune Group have chosen a strategic place for the project. Yes, the Codename Smash Hit Lbs Marg, Bhandup West Mumbai can be accessed quite conveniently from any part of the city. Moreover, the significant spots such as the Bhandup Station, JVLR, Express Highway, Eastern Fwy, Kanjumarg Station, Proposed Goregaon-Mulund Link Road, Powai, and the International Airport etc are just at a distance of few minutes’ drive from here.

Offering 300 offices and shops with varying sizes, this much talked about commercial property embraces the land area of about 3 acres. It consists of a single building with G+3 stories. Embellished with all types of ultramodern amenities required for a business space, it appears to be the top choice of the people looking for business spaces in Mumbai. The amenities such as the art gallery, casual seating & interactive zone, fully equipped business centres with conferencing facilities, jogging and cycling track, open air cafe, world class concierge, and gym & spa etc; Codename Smash Hit West Mumbai is a perfect place for conducting commercial activities.

Known for providing ample space for customization, the experts at the Neptune Group have provided immense opportunities for customizing shops and offices as per one’s own requirement. Truly speaking, it is almost an unavoidable choice as a commercial space in Mumbai.

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