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Kalpataru Eden Pune – Beautifully Crafted Residential Flats

Creating a meticulous confluence of the natural and manmade artistic beauty, the veteran real estate experts at the renowned Kalpataru Group have once more created a tremendous stir in the real estate circles in and around Pune. Highly acclaimed for their immensely elegant designs exhibiting the ultramodern trend of construction, the professionals here appear to have duly invested their expertise and experience in designing and developing the beautifully crafted residential flats in the form of the Kalpataru Eden Pune. If you are looking forward to own a beautiful flat amidst the peaceful and serene surroundings in Baner Pune, the Kalpataru Eden would prove to be one of the most ideal choices.

kalpataru eden
Kalpataru Eden Pune

Whether you desire to live close to the mother earth or amidst the high skies; you have all the freedom and choices to select the sweet homes as per your dreams. Housing a cluster of 8 beautifully crafted buildings with 21 storeys each, the Kalpataru Eden Baner offers 3 BHK highly luxurious, spacious, and airy apartments. Embracing a total of 586 lavish designed apartments with the sizes extending from 1168 sq. ft. to 1181 sq. ft., this residential project can suitably cater to the needs of the home seekers desiring to accommodate their big families.

As far as designing is concerned, the experts at the Kalpataru Group have always shown their innovativeness and expertise. Like all their previous residential as well as the commercial projects, the veteran professionals have paid due attention in designing each and every inch of the project. Be it the floors, walls, doors, windows, balconies, or any other part of the apartments, the experts have shown their passion and innovation in every inch of the project.

Besides the premium quality design and construction, the professionals have also paid equal attention in choosing the location as well as embellishing the apartments with highly sophisticated amenities. In fact, the Kalpataru Eden by Kalpataru Group is one of their most inspirational landmarks and it rightly exhibits the characteristic features for which the experts here are very much acclaimed by the home seekers as well as the other real estate enthusiasts.


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